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Mild Climate for an Acitivity Holiday on La Palma

Because of its pleasant climate, La Palma offers its inhabitants and guests for any season the ideal conditions for a variety of activities in a marvellous landscape. Besides a holiday at the numerous, bigger and smaller bays and beaches, an activity holiday on La Palma provides many further opportunities for sports and exciting leisure activities at sea, an land or in the air. Above all, however, the island of La Palma is a great place for walking. (Pictures hiking)

Wandern Nationalpark Caldera de Taburiente Strand von Puerto Naos, La Palma La Palma Mountainbiken über Lava-Trails

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La Palma is a Walking Island

No matter, whether you are a lover of nature, participant of a guided walking tour or if you are enthusiastic about Nordic Walking, whether you are a passionate canyon climber or experienced mountaineer – La Palma has something to offer for all levels of physical fitness, and it makes each trip an impressive event. Here, you discover during walking tours a landscape of unique beauty in the Caldera de Taburiente National Park or in the unspoilt nature of the jungle-like and misty forests of Los Tilos, the forest area declared by UNESCO “Biosphere Nature Reserve” in the North of La Palma.

Beschilderte Wanderwege auf La PalmaLa Palma has a dense, well sign-posted network of walking tours and offers trails for each rambler corresponding to his or her personal taste and physical fitness. Walking map from: Rother Wanderführer La Palma, Bergverlag Rother

Wanderweg Roque de los Muchachos La PalmaThe Finca Tropical offers its guests organized walking tours in different group sizes led by an approved walking guide, amongst them the tour through the Caldera. Together with the highest point of the island, the Roque de Los Muchachos (2426m), 12 further peaks of up to 2000m constitute an imposing mountain landscape at the Northern edge of the cauldron of the Caldera.

La Palma Roque de los Muchachos mit AstrophysikumOn different walking tours along the impressive edge of the crater, breathtaking views onto the Caldera open up to you. At the Roque de Los Muchachos, one of the biggest observatories in Europe, the “Observatorio Asrofisico” is situated.

Wasserfall in der Caldera de Taburiente, La PalmaPass through one of the numerous romantic and untamed Barrancos with abundant vegetation and discover on your route valleys, wells and waterfalls.

Walking on the Volcanic Island of La Palma

On the edge of the Cumbre Vieja – a long-stretched elevation from the Caldera in the North up to Fuencaliente in the South –, there are walking tours throughout the typical volcanic landscape of the island. One tour guides you through black fields of ash, past extinct craters, lava streams and bizarre rock formations with fantastic view onto the Atlantic Ocean. At its end, you reach Teneguia, the youngest volcano of the Canary Islands, which erupted in 1971 for the last time. In its proximity, a Visitor’s Centre on volcanism on La Palma was established.

La Palma wandern - Vulkan San Antonio im Süden von La Palma La Palma - Wandern am Kraterrand La Palma Lavafelder und vulkanische Formationen

In order to reach all your tour destinations from the Finca Tropical, we recommend hiring a rental car.

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