1. Conclusion of Contract

With the booking order, the guest definitely offers the conclusion of a contract to Finca Los Palacios La Costa S.L. Finca Tropical.

The order has to be placed in written form. The contract enters into force from the acceptance and confirmation through  Finca Los Palacios La Costa S.L. Finca Tropical.

2. Payment

With the conclusion of the contract, a downpayment is due, which is to be paid at the latest 7 days after receipt of the written contract by the taker of the accommodation (the guest or customer). The rest of the outstanding amount has to be paid as further specified in the contract.

Belated payment or non-payment is regarded as withdrawal from the contract and gives  Finca Los Palacios La Costa S.L. Finca Tropical the right to let the accommodation to other parties.

3. Specification of Services
The contract is concluded by order and on account of the owner and applies for the agreed period of time and the agreed maximum number of persons. If more persons than agreed arrive, the owner is entitled to withdraw from the contract immediately. The guest is nevertheless obliged to pay in full the rental fee specified in the contract.

4. Obligation and Liability of the Owner

There is no damage liability for the accommodation in case of force majeure, e.g. strike, war, earth quake, customary power and water failures and natural disasters. If the use of the rental object is not possible due to force majeure and no substitute object can be supplied, the liability is limited to a maximum of the agreed outstanding payment, incurred charges to be deducted.

5. Obligation of Cooperation

The guest is asked to check on arrival the inventory of the rental object and to give notice of defects within 24 hours to the owner, in order to enable him to correct them. All other complaints about the rental object have also to be reported immediately to the owner/the manager. No later complaints or reclamations will be considered.

The guest has to treat the accommodation as well as its inventory, carefully, and is obliged to report all damages caused by him or her during the stay to the owner/manager. In case of damage, the guest is obliged to replace the damage.

The rented accommodation is to be returned swept and dusted, with clean crockery and cupboards, to the owner/manager.

6. Withdrawal from the Contract

The withdrawal by the guest has to be undertaken in written form. The date of receipt of the written declaration of cancellation is authoritative.

The following cancellation fees apply:

  • on a cancellation up to 90 days prior to beginning of the journey: 10 % of the rental price, at least 52 EUR (process fee for cancelling amounts)
  • on a cancellation from 90 up to 60 days prior to the beginning of the journey: 25 % of the rental price, on a cancellation from 60 up to 30 days prior to beginning of journey: 50 % of the rental price,
  • on a cancellation from 30 up to 1 day prior to beginning of journey: 80 % of the rental price,
  • on a cancellation on the day of the journey or if the guest does not arrive, the whole rental price is due.
  • The processing fee for a cancellation amounts to 52 EUR.

Upon agreement, there is the possibility of presenting a substitute contract partner, who is obliged to the same terms of contract.

7. Place of Performance – Court of Jurisdiction

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