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The Plant World of the Canaries on the Finca Tropical

Because of its geographical location and the influences from the Atlantic and trade winds, the Canary Island of La Palma is supplied with a subtropical climate with sufficient water resources – the best precondition for the existence of about 2000 plant species in several vegetational zones differing according to their respective heights, which not only have been reason for the admiration of holiday guests, but have also aroused the interest of botanists. In the botanical garden of the Finca Tropical, you find spread over extensive terraces more than 200 different plants from the abundant vegetation of the “green” island of La Palma. This makes the grounds of the garden hotel a paradise for plant lovers.

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Plan der Ferienanlage Finca Tropical El Paraiso Botanico – our Tropical Garden on the Finca
On arrival, our guests receive the plant calendar “El Paraiso Botanico” – a collection of selected trees, shrubs, flowers, blossoms and fruit, which are documented with photos and texts. With this plants guide, you can embark on a botanical journey through the garden and can get information on the 74 local, Canarian, South-American and African plants, which are cultivated here. The locations of these plants can be discovered by way of a plan in the guide with a numbering from 1-74. On the backs of the calendar pages, you find recipes from the Restaurant Taberna del Puerto or for your own cooking, with fruit from La Palma. In addition, you find in the botanical picture gallery photos of around 100 further plants from 55 plant families, which occur here in the garden of the Finca or on the Canarian Islands. For your overview, there are two indexes with alphabetially listed plant names in English and Latin.

The fruit from the orchard of the Finca Tropical like loquats, bananas, lemons, kakis, cape gooseberries, macadamia nuts, avocados, star fruit, fruit of the strawberry tree, pomegranates and mangos are harvested by us depending on the season for our guests.

Botanischer Garten La Palma - Nispero Botanischer Garten La Palma - Bananen auf der Ferienanlage auf La Palma Orange und Bluete im botanischen Garten der Ferienanlage La Palma Botanischer Garten La Palma - Kaki-Baum auf La Palma Kapstachelbeere im botanischen Garten La Palma Makadamia-Nüsse La Palma - botanischer Garten Avocado-Baum im botanischen Garten La Palma Botanischer Garten La Palma - Karambolen Botanischer Garten La Palma - Frucht des Erdbeerbaumes Granatapfel botanischer Garten La Palma Botanischer Garten La Palma - Mango-Baum auf der Finca Tropical


List of the Plant Families

Acanthus FamilyAcanthus Family AgavaceaeAgavaceae AmaryllidaceaeAmaryllidaceae AnacardiaceaeAnacardiaceae AnnonaceaeAnnonaceae ApocynaceaeApocynaceae AraceaeAraceae AraliaceaeAraliaceae ArecaceaeArecaceae AristolochiaceaeAristolochiaceae AsclepiadaceaeAsclepiadaceae Asphodel FamilyAsphodel Family BalsaminaceaeBalsaminaceae BignoniaceaeBignoniaceae BombacaceaeBombacaceae CactaceaeCactaceae CannaceaeCannaceae CaricaceaeCaricaceae CommelinaceaeCommelinaceae CucurbitaceaeCucurbitaceae CyperaceaeCyperaceae DilleniaceaeDilleniaceae EbenaceaeEbenaceae EricaceaeEricaceae EuphorbiaceaeEuphorbiaceae FabaceaeFabaceae FaboideaeFaboideae GeraniaceaeGeraniaceae HeliconiaceaeHeliconiaceae LauraceaeLauraceae LiliaceaeLiliaceae LythraceaeLythraceae MalvaceaeMalvaceae MeliaceaeMeliaceae MoraceaeMoraceae MusaceaeMusaceae MyrtaceaeMyrtaceae NyctaginaceaeNyctaginaceae NymphaeaceaeNymphaeaceae OleaceaeOleaceae OxalidaceaeOxalidaceae PandanaceaePandanaceae PapaveraceaePapaveraceae PassifloraceaePassifloraceae PinaceaePinaceae PlumbaginaceaePlumbaginaceae PolygonaceaePolygonaceae ProteaceaeProteaceae RosaceaeRosaceae RutaceaeRutaceae SolanaceaeSolanaceae SterculiaceaeSterculiaceae StrelitziaceaeStrelitziaceae VerbenaceaeVerbenaceae ZingiberaceaeZingiberaceae
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