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Your Finca Tropical Team

Los Palacios 59
E-38770 Tazacorte
Tel./Fax: ++34-922-480 162 (german, spanish, english)

Reception: Stefania di Carlo



C./ Trasera n° 5
38770 Puerto de Tazacorte
Tel: 922 480287





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Overview of the Accommodation in the Garden Hotel “Finca Tropical” and in the Harbour of Tazacorte on La Palma, Canaries

Apartments in the Holiday Houses Casa Amarilla and in the Holiday House Silvano

Casa Amarilla CA1
Casa Amarilla CA2
Casa Amarilla CA4
Casa Amarilla CA5
Casa Amarilla CA7
Casa Sivano S1
Casa Silvano S2

Studios in the Holiday House Casa Amarilla and in the Holiday House Silvano

Studio Casa Amarilla CA6
Studio Casa Silvano S3
Studio Casa Silvano S4

Bungalows in the Garden of the Finca Tropical

Bungalow Cuba1
Bungalow Cuba2
Bungalow Cuba3
Bungalow Fidelito
Bungalow Las Norias

Holiday Homes on the Beach of Tazacorte

Holiday Home Piso Taberna
Holiday Home Maisonette Calle Trasera
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