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In the sense of the SEO and web page marketing strategies, we are always looking for high-quality linkpartners to swap links from the fields of La Palma, Canaries, Spain, tourism, accommodations, botanics, gastronomy, sports and leisure activities or else reciprocal links with other domains as linkpartners, in order to increase the traffic and quality of our own website with links and web page marketing. Link partnerships or else the trading of links with other domains increases the number of visitors on both sides. Google indicates these backlinks as valuable, which optimizes search results and PageRank and increases traffic. If you are as a potential link partner interested in a backlink or to swap links, please contact our links manager. E-mail:

For a link exchange we offer:

  • Reciprocal links in the content or footer-area of different pages of several websites and their subpages
  • Comprehensive textlinks with context-relevance; in addition, the contents of our partner pages should not only refer to our contents, but they should also constiute for our visitors interesting recommendations. For this reason, it makes no sense for our links manager to create link partnerships without contents-specific references.
  • Your own content-pages for longer articles or texts, picture…, from where you can create as our linkpartner up to 5x external links!
  • The following websites with links for link exchange:

url PR
Beschreibung 4 La Palma Holidays on La Palma: holiday houses and holiday homes on the Canaries 3
Travels to the Canaries
Travels to the Canary Islands - Holidays in Spain 2
Travels & Hotels
Travel to Austria, Spain, India 3
Botanical Garden, Plants of the Canaries
Plants' World of the Canaries 2
La Palma Restaurant Gastronomy Canaries - Restaurant La Palma 2
Pictures La Palma Further Pictures of the Journey to La Palma

La Palma Home – no link form this start-up page
La Palma – contentlink possible from this text

We expect from backlinks

  • Websites, which have already been indexed by Google.
  • A lasting link partnership, which – since it is not binding – can be terminated by both linkpartners any time with the obligation of informing the partner about this termination. E-Mail-address:
  • Not more than 15 external links on one page.

We would be Delighted to trade Links with you and become your Link Partner!

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that even though we have examined external links carefully when trading links, we cannot accept liability whatsoever for their contents. Should you nevertheless find linked pages with questionable contents, please inform us about the links.

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