Activity Holidays on La Palma – a Selection

Paragliding – Flying with a Paraglider above La Palma

La Palma - Paragliding ueber Puerto NaosDue to its climatically favourable conditions, La Palma offers experienced paragliders many days in the year for flying. Starting- and landing points are spread across the whole island – in the West: Puerto Naos, Jedey, Campanorios, Torre del Time, Tel Time, Birogoyo and El Gallo as well as in the East: Conception and Fuencaliente. With good weather conditions, it is highly rewarding for the pilots to circle with a paraglider, above all on the western side of the island, to look for upwinds, or to fly for a short time in hard thermals. The pilots glide across the varied natural landscapes of La Palma – volcanic formations, pine woods and beautiful, black beaches – with ideal conditions on the slopes along the coast to the southern tip of the island, to Fuencaliente. In most cases, paragliders start on points between Las Manchas and Fuencaliente. The landing point is in Puerto Naos – this is also the contact point for interested paragliders. Pilots and paragliding-organizers have established here their meeting point on the beach opposite of the big parking space in the Café / Kiosko “Playa Morena” and exchange general information about flying and the weather. With some organizers, you can book tandem flights. On La Palma, there are paragliding championships for pilots in all paraglider-categories. The most well-known of these competitions, however, is the “Desafio” (= challenge) – competition with attractive prize money. >>Paragliding La Palma

Riding through Nature

La Palma Reiten auf der Finca Corazon bei El PasoOn La Palma, there are some riding schools offering tours on horseback. The Finca Corazon in Tacande Arriba near El Paso in the Aridane-Valley on the western side of the island offers daily guided tours on horseback from 2 persons through the dreamlike mountain landscape in the area of El Paso. At the edge of the Nature Reserve, you find an ideal starting point for riding tours into the almost untouched surroundings of the Isla Bonita around El Paso. Galloping on horseback through nature or controlling the horse in a relaxed way on the loose rein allows the rider to notice and to enjoy the landscape…

Address: Finca Corazòn
Cuesta de La Juliana 15
38750 El Paso (Tacande arriba)
Telephone: 0034 / 699 629517

Biking – Individual MTB-Tours through La Palma

Mountainbiken über Lavafelder auf La PalmaThere is a well-developed network of roads, which you can do wonderful tours by bike on through the island. Mountainbikers enjoy the free terrain, where they can find mountain-and volcano-sand tracks, smaller by-roads, spectacular trails and lonely forest paths as well as numerous old connecting pathways (caminos reales), quite technically difficult donkeys’ paths and spectacular trails with stone slabs. The La Palma Bikestation will guide you in small groups, with its longstanding island-experience, through this mecca for mountainbikers. This means: fun with biking and shared experience of nature. The start is not on sea level, but on higher ground – transfer with the bike-shuttle. The Bike- and Walking Station La Palma offers in addition: bike rental, guided sightseeing- and Nordic Walking tours.

Tours by Motorbike - Bends, Tracks, the Sun

Unterwegs mit dem Motorrad auf der Insel La PalmaThe pleasant temperatures on La Palma entice you to get to know the island by motor-bike – alone or in the group. Here, it is marvellous to corner the sufficiently numerous bends or to enjoy the varied landscape from the motor-bike. Motor-bikes to rent of all classes can be booked at several rental companies. The team of the Finca Tropical will be glad to help you with the booking.

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