Journey by Rental Car from the Airport La Palma to the Finca Tropical

map - Los Llanos - Finca TropicalAt the airport of La Palma, you are on the eastern side of the island of La Palma, and you have to journey to the western side on the route discribed as follows to reach our holiday accommodations. Please drive from the airport with your rent-a-car in the direction of Santa Cruz. At the large roundabout before Santa Cruz, you take the turn-off to Los Llanos. About 30km (18,75miles) after the airport (you have already passed the tunnels and also El Paso – you also see that on our map), you come to another traffic roundabout. Recommendation: watch the tachometer of your rent-a-car! From this roundabout, take the route towards Tazacorte. 1,6 km (0,99 miles) further there is another roundabout. Here you take the exit in the direction of Puerto Naos. After 4,5 km (2,79 miles) you take again the right turn towards Tazacorte. After 800m (872 yards), you turn left at the green-yellow sign marking the direction to the “Finca Tropical”, your holiday accommodations. After 200m (218,6 yards) you eventually head to the right and drive down the hill towards the banana plantations. This route is marked by some arrows painted in yellow. After 500m (546,5 yards), there is a left-hand bend of the road, and 200m (218,6 yards) further you have reached the Finca Tropical, thus your holiday accommodations. > Enlarged map of La Palma

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