General Information and Tips for a Holiday on La Palma

Plaza vor dem Rathaus in Los Llanos On this page, we would like to provide our guests with interesting information on the special features of La Palma in the fields of administration, climate, geography, history, art and culture, nature and leisure activities. We have collected some useful tips for you, which might contribute to you spending an enjoyable holiday on the “isla bonita“, and have assembled from the richness of possibilities, a subjective selection. You will receive further information at the reception of our hotel or under La Palma – Practical Tips.

Depending on the location of your holiday accommodation or on your leisure activities, you should not dispense with a rental car. Nevertheless, if you decide to do without a car, there is the opportunity to make use of the dense network of bus routes throughout the island. You find bus timetables at

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Maritime Museum Plaza La Glorieta Volcano-Infocenter Three Wise Men
Island Museum Nra. Senora de las Nieves Almond bloom Feast of the Almond Bloom
Archaeological Museum Casa Sotomayor Dragon Tree Carnival
Museum of Ethnology Casa Massieu Bird’s Paradise Easter
Museum of Silk Casa Lujan Picnic Places
Corpus Christi
Museum of Corpus Christi Finca Tabaquera   Agricultural Fair
Gofio Museum Cave of Guanchen   Bajada de la Virgen
Wine Museum Parque Belmaco   Feast of the Sea-Battle
Banana Museum Saline Teneguia La Palma Weather Feast of the Devil
  Mosaics Factory
La Palma Fauna Los Caballos Fufos
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La Palma - Geography

La Palma ModellWith 728 km2, LaPalma is after Hierro and La Gomera the third smallest of the Canarian Islands. Length: 47km, width 29km. Geographical location: at 28°40' northern latitude and 17°52' longitude in the Atlantic Ocean, ca. 60 kilometres to the west of the main Canarian island: Tenerife; La Palma is like all islands of the Canaries, of volcanic origin, and separated through a ridge of volcanic peaks into two different halves.

La Palma - Administration

Rathausplatz in MazoThe island belongs together with El Hierro and La Gomera, to the Spanish province of Tenerife. 86.000 inhabitants live in 14 provincial districts: Barlovento, Breña Alta, Breña Baja, Fuencaliente, Garafía, Los Llanos de Aridane, El Paso, Puntagorda, Puntallana, San Andrés y Sauces, Santa Cruz de la Palma, Tazacorte, Tijarafe, Villa de Mazo. The capital is Santa Cruz de La Palma on the eastern side with 20.000 inhabitants. Los Llanos on the western side is the economic centre and has all in all the same number of inhabitants.


Gemeinde TazacorteThe Finca Tropical is in Tazacorte, the smallest municipal district on La Palma, with the biggest banana production of the Canaries. The charming small town in the West of La Palma with the colourful town hall, museums, typical bars and once in a while a hotel, presents itself with a delightful old town with typically Canarian architecture, the church of the island’s Saint San Miguel, picturesque plazas, narrow lanes and a smart shopping thoroughfare with a marvellous view. A little bit further down, Puerto de Tazacorte is located, with a beautiful, long sandy beach and yacht- and fishing harbour. Tourists love to stay near the small Plaza Castilla and at the beach promenade. Here are some holiday flats, bars and restaurants with freshly caught fish on offer. Pictures of Tazacorte.

Tourist Information

Touristeninformation Tazacorte Because on the island, the natural beauty and the island’s gentle, sustainable tourism have been successfully combined in a sensitive and farsighted way, UNESCO has awarded La Palma the title of a future-oriented model for tourism. In most of the towns on the island, there are tourist information offices with booklets, maps and other info-material.

At the airport in Santa Cruz de La Palma: in the glass office on the Avenida Blas Pérez Gonzales
in Los Llanos: on the Avenida Doctor Fleming and in the Casa Massieu on the Plaza Soto mayor in Argual -
in Villa de Tazacorte: a few metres to the left behind the church with the beautiful Bougainvillea - Plaza.

Gastronomy La Palma

Since there is a large selection of restaurants on La Palma with good regional cuisine, we do not give a list of restaurants here – solely, our Taberna in the harbour of Tazacorte we would not want to leave unmentioned. Otherwise, you can always find an opportunity in your neighbourhood to go out for dinner in a comfortable atmosphere and to enjoy typically Canarian meals like deep-fried goat “Cabrito frito“, a rabbit “Conejo“, as well as fresh fish, in most cases served with “Papas Arugadas” (wrinkled potatoes boiled in salted water) and the Canarian red and green mojo-sauce.


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