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La Palma BotanikDo you you feel like having a look at your indoor plants out in the open close to nature? Or do you want at Christmas to see the poinsettia plant as big as a house instead of in the pot? Maybe you even plan at the moment to realize your dream of your own house on the Canaries, on La Palma…?

Characteristics of the Green Island of the Canaries

La Palma Tazacorte Maybe some of your friends or acquaintances – or maybe even the experts in one or another tourism travel agency – do not know the difference between “La Palma” and “Las Palmas”…It has occurred several times that holiday guests having booked a language course with us with accommodation or a holiday flat, who had already paid an advance on the journey, discovered a couple of days later that they eventually wouldn’t land on Mallorca (Palma de Mallorca) or Gran Canaria (Las Palmas) for their vacation.

Kanaren KarteLa Palma, that’s the alternative travel destination for tourism and vacation on the Canary Islands for guests who do not wish to get a holiday “off the peg”, but want to determine themselves, how they spend the most beautiful time of the year on their holiday, and want to avoid to end up in touristically highly exploited regions. You might find these regions once and again on the bigger neighbouring islands of Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura or even Lanzarote. The most populated towns of the island La Palma, however, the capital Santa Cruz de la Palma in the East and Los Llanos in the West, have each around 20 000 inhabitants (click on the plan to enlarge).

La Palma almond trees and blossomReal lovers of nature appreciate the mainly rural characteristics of the island with its agriculture, where in rural tradition celebrations and festivals are even dedicated to a variety of nature fruit from bloom to harvest: Thus, the Festival of Almond Blossom in Puntagora in the North of the island is a welcome occasion at the beginning of the year, when everything in nature begins to flower again in the Palmerian spring in La Palma’s agriculture, to celebrate the countless almond trees in their white-rosé splendour. And on the occasion of the fiesta San Martin in November, the just ripe sweet chestnuts are served with young wine.

Holidays on the Countryside – Sustainable Tourism

La Palma landscape with dragon treeWhoever travels to La Palma, merges deeply in the natural beauties and characteristics of the island, in its special climatic conditions, without being exclusively oriented towards the touristic quality infrastructure and tourist economy and the cheap prices of hotels inclusive their various wellness offers. Visitors to La Palma and its nature appreciate an alternative tourism economy with care for the environment without an over-abundance of beds. The majority of the vacation guests on la Palma travel here from Germany. The newly extended airport, however, connects the “slightly different” island of the Canaries with Central Europe (flights to La Palma). Since the beginning of the winter season 2007, the number of holiday visitors from Great Britian is on the increase. Charter flights from London and Manchester land once a week on La Palma.

(Agri-)cultural Pillar Nr. 1 – the Banana Plantation

La Palma agriculture - banana plantationAfter their arrival on La Palma, the holiday guests in most cases notice as one of the first characteristics of the island’s nature, the numerous banana plantations marking the scenery of the island and its economy – be it banana shrubs on terraced properties behind red brick walls or beneath bright plastic covers of the dominating glasshouses. Whatever resembles the biggest Landart-project of an artist specializing in wrapping objects, is here the work of numerous local nature farmers of the banana economy. Through the walls and planes, they protect in the agriculture the banana-shrubs that are not very deeply rooted, from wind and storms in nature

La Palma - Banana produktionAesthetic criteria do not play a major role here for the nature farmers with their agricultural economy. Through the hothouse atmosphere in the glasshouses, size and ripening of the bananas are also influenced towards richer and quicker harvests. For the production of one kilo bananas, several hundred kilos of water are necessary. For this, kilometres of an irrigation system with open canals have been constructed, tubes have been laid, partly hewn through rock. Above them, rain water is led down from the mountains towards the agricultural plantations on the Canary Islands. There, the farmers store their water in huge, round tanks or basins.

Tazacorte La Palma agriculture - banana plantationThis kind of monoculture, as you may certainly well call the agriculture with its banana plantations on La Palma, leads however even on this green island, rich in water resources, from time to time to water supply problems in the economy and nature. Since the costs for water and wages on La Palma are more expensive than in the Central American plantation areas, the Canarian banana economy is subsidized by EU-funds. The banana production is mainly aimed towards exports. Each year, about 60 000 bananas are shipped from La Palma. The banana farmers are members of agricultural cooperatives organizing the whole economy with regard to banana production: package and distribution and looking after payment, fertilizers, pest control and water problems.


On our comprehensive website, you find detailed descriptions on the accommodation (holiday houses and holiday homes) of the Finca Tropical on La Palma, as well as numerous useful and interesting hints and information on tourism on the island, which you may have already chosen as the next destination for your vacation, in order to spend here your holiday and to relax during the most precious time of the year – with mild temperatures at every time of the year. Here, you can enjoy your holiday free from stress in exciting and eventful surroundings. Don’t only get to know La Palma through books and travel reports about the tourism, but make up your own mind about the different aspects of the island, about its character, its culture and tradition, economy and tourism, as well as about its varied natural landscapes and the people who live on it.

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