Beaches on La Palma

Swimming in the Atlantic and Sunbathing on the Black Beach of La Palma

On La Palma, there are beautiful beaches with dark, soft lava sand – not as many and as extensive ones as on the islands with mass tourism – but you will always find sufficient space on long stretches of beach in order to spread yourself out. Some beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag of the European Union. The water quality is excellent everywhere. On the western side of La Palma, there are two beautiful and touristically developed sandy beaches.

Palmenstrand in Puerto NaosOnly a few minutes by car – both towards the North and towards the South – of the Finca Tropical Garden Hotel, you can relax under palm trees on the playa of Puerto Naos

Sandstrand in Tazacorte auf La Palma…or you prefer the colourful hustle and bustle on the long beach of the little harbour town Puerto Tazacrote, the sunniest place on the Island of La Palma – at the end of the Barrancos de las Angustias and at the foot of the mountain peak El Time.

Video of the beach of Tazacorte and our Holiday flat

Further Beaches on La Palma

Playa Nueva

You should not miss the beach “Playa Nueva” between Puerto Naos and Tazacorte, situated too at the western island side. This playa is hidden at the end of a (labyrinthine) path between banana plantations. Here, the sandy beach sections alternate with stones depending on the season and the heavy seas. The beach is mainly in winter, because of strong waves, a paradise for surfers. The picturesque atmosphere was until mid-2007 above all due to the slowly decaying huts of some local people and drop-outs, who do not live here anymore, since all these buildings have in the meantime been demolished. Lately, the “Playa Nueva” has presented itself as a long, lonely, touristically unexploited, Palmerian beach for sunbathing and swimming.

La Palma Playa Nueva - sehr ruhiger Strand im Westen La Palma Playa Nueva Surfen La Palma Playa Nueva Badeurlaub

Las Monjas

The remote bay of Las Monjas is the only official nudist beach on La Palma. It is situated along a steep cliff face about 2 kilometres behind Puerto Naos towards El Remo. The broad beach is framed by lava rocks.

Charco Verde

an idyllic sandy beach in a bay, 2 kilometres south of Puerto Naos towards El Remo.

Playa del Faro – Small Beach in Fuencaliente

La Palma Strand im SüdenSouth of the lighting tower El Faro, there is a small beach of pebbles (don’t forget your bathing shoes!) with a recommended fish restaurant.

Punta Larga

This beach in a bay protected by rocks with a typcial bar can be discovered to the north of Playa del Faro: no sand, but pebbles, very romantic, very popular…. with colourful Palmerian “weekend-cottages”.

Charco Azul near San Andres & La Fajana near Barlovento

La Palma MeeresschwimmbeckenIn the East of the island, to the north of Santa Cruz de La Palma, there are two natural swimming-pools, cut out of lava rocks and filled with sea water. They are protected against waves from the sea that might be too strong. These swimming facilities are equipped with playing grounds for children, restaurants, showers and sunbathing lawns.

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