Microscopy on La Palma

Research in the “Laboratory” for Big and Small on the Finca Tropical

With a microscope, it is possible to gain completely new insights into nature and unexpected perspectives for its contexts. With the microscope, the viewer can arbitrarily enlarge any objects (from the grounds of the Finca Tropical) and explore them: plants, animals, micro-organisms or inanimate, microscopical objects present themselves under the transmitted-light microscope in fascinating new detail, colourfulness and structure. With the incident-light function, less tiny objects can also be viewed. In addition, the new impressions can be further developed to a photo. The microscope – suitable for beginners and advanced users – is positioned in the garden house of the Finca on La Palma and can be used there by the guests for their research on leaving a deposit.

Eschenbach Top Illumation- and Transmitted Illumination Microscope – Stereo Microscope 3320

Product Description – Technical Dates

Mikkroskopieren auf La PalmaStereo- Head: 45° inclined tube, 360° rotatable, adjustable inter-pupillary distance of 54-74mm.
Magnification: 20x/ 40x range to 80x
Oculars: Widefield 10x, ocular tube left with diopter adjustment of +/-5 dpt, eye guards
Objectives: Hard coated objectives, 2x and 4x, objective arrangement parallel
Focusing: Duel side-mounted coarse focusing controls
Stand: Stable metal stand, tube length 180mm, black-white plastic plate for top view, frosted glass plate for transmitted illumination, diameter each 95mm.
Top illumination fluorescent tube 12V/5W with slot adjustment.

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