La Palma - Videos der "Finca Tropical"

The following videos of all our accommodations at La Palma show tours through all holiday homes, flats and houses of the "Finca Tropical" and at the beach of Tazacorte. The vidoes inform you and give an impression about the occupation, furnishings and atmospfere. Enjoy our videos - produced by Video-Stern!

  • 5 Bungalows of the "Finca Tropical", La Palma / Videos

5 different holiday bungalows, with terraces and view to the sea - La Palma-Feeling by Videos of the Finca Tropical

Bungalow "Cuba1" Video                             Bungalow "Cuba1" Video

>Info "Bungalow Cuba1"  >DOWNLOAD    >Info "Bungalow Cuba2"    DOWNLOAD

"Bungalow Fidelito" Video                    "Bungalow Las Norias" Video

>Info "Bungalow Fidelito"   DOWNLOAD   >"Bungalow Las Norias"   DOWNLOAD

Holiday House "Bungalow Cuba3" / Video under construction

>>>Information and pictures of the Holiday House "Bungalow Cuba3" 

  • 7 Apartments in the Holiday Houses "Casa Amarilla" & "Silvano"

7 idyllic and beautifully located Holiday flats with view to the sea and with Pool within a marvellous tropical garden - in the Videos made by Finca Tropical

Apartment "CA1" Video                 Apartment "CA4" Video

>Info "Apartment CA1"     DOWNLOAD      >Info Apartment CA4"     DOWNLOAD

Appartement "CA5" Video                Appartement "CA7" Video

>Info "Apartment CA5"     DOWNLOAD     >Info "Apartment CA7"    DOWNLOAD   

Appartement "S1" Video                  Appartement "S2" Video

>Info "Appartement S1"     DOWNLOAD   Info "Appartement S2"       DOWNLOAD

Appartement "CA2" / Video under construction

>>>Information and pictures "Appartement CA2"   

  • 2 Holiday Flats at the beach of Tazacorte / Videos

The two Holiday flats at Tazacorte -"Piso Taberna" and "Maisonette" - are directly situated at the beach. You just have to walk a few meters...On the Video you can watch the nice little town "Puerto de Tazacaorte".

"Piso Taberna" Video                              "Maisonette" Video

>Info "Piso Taberna         DOWNLOAD    >"Maisonette" Video under construction

  • 3 Videos of our Studios in the Holiday Homes at "Finca Tropical"

Our 3 Studios der "Finca Tropical" are situated at the first floor of our holiday homes "Silvano" and "Casa Amarilla" and offer a fantastic view to the Atlantic Ocean from room and balcony. Look at the videos !

 Studio CA6 Video                                       Studio S3 Video

>Info Studio CA6                DOWNLOAD     >Info Studio S3                   DOWNLOAD

Studio S4 Video

>Info Studio S4                  DOWNLOAD

Videos for DOWNLOAD (>right Mouse button >"save as ...")
The Videos CA2, Cuba 2 und Maisonette will be finished and uploaded soon.

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