Under the Dragon Tree – Invitation to a Culinary Trip to our Bodega in the North of the Island of La Palma.

On request we organize for guests of our holiday resort a trip towards the mountains in the North of La Palma. The destination is the “Bodega”, about one hours’s drive by car away from the Finca Tropical . The old Canarian stone house, which has been carefully renovated, is situated in detached landscape right in the middle of pine forests. Here, we serve together with wine a rural speciality of the Canaries prepared at the open fire: a paella or the Canarian stew typical for La Palma. The guests of the Finca Tropical are warmly invited to take part in this event. Depending on the season, our big and small guests like to stroll through the fruit garden and harvest plumes, damsons, yellow plums, peaches, cherries, almonds and grapes, growing around the bodega - they can also be taken away. Relax and enjoy in the rural tranquility of nature, in the shadow of the big, old dragon tree, the conviviality, the meals and the wine – this will be a trip you will have highly pleasant memories of for a long time.

Bodega mit Drachenbaum im Norden von La Palma Gäste beim Essen auf der Bodega

Let us show you one of the most beautiful sides of the island! Please, do accompany us into our idyllicly situated fruit-and wine garden within the mountains of the "isla bonita" and enjoy the rustic ambience of a Canarian bodega! For this extra service, there will be no additional costs for the guests of our Finca!

We will be glad to receive your registration at the reception.

Pictures from a Trip to the Bodega with our Guests

Speisen-Angebot für die Gaeste auf der Bodega Kanarischer Eintopf am offenen Feuer Gedeckter Tisch auf der Bodega Gäste auf der Bodega auf La Palma Wanderung durch den Obstgarten
Obstbaum auf der Bodega Wanderung durch den Obstgarten Traubenernte im Weingarten der Bodega Traube aus dem Weinberg der Bodega Weinpresse auf der Bodega
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